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We pride ourselves on our extensive capabilities and adaptability to your schedule and demands, no matter how challenging  your need or deadline is, or how creative we need to be in designing an assembly or application that works and does so while still being cost effective. We are geared up and built for performance and like our products, deliver at every turn.  We’re capable of almost anything!



Normal turnaround is

currently 10-12 weeks


Crisis turnaround can be accommodated as required


Capacity as small as 1000 units to 1 million units

Fastener Size Range



#2 thru 1/2” diameter

1/8” up to 5” in length


M2 thru M12 diameter

3mm up to 130mm in length

Super Long Stroke Range



#8 thru 1/4” diameter

2 1/2” up to 7” in length


M4 thru M6 diameter

64mm up to 175mm in length

Head Styles


Binding, Fillister, Flat,

Undercut Flat, Flat Trim, Oval, Oval Undercut, Oval Trim, Truss, Indented Hex,

Trimmed Hex, Fully Upset Hex, Indented Hex Washer,

Non Indented Hex Washer, Pan, Button, Round, Socket, Special Head Profiles available

Drive Systems


Slotted, Phillips, Type 1,

Type 1A, Type II,

Square, One-Way, Phillips/Slotted,

Square Phillips, Square,

Hex, Slotted, 6 Lobe,

6 Lobe Slotted, 6 Lobe Plus Tamper Resistant,

Special Drive Styles

Fastener Materials


1022, 10B21, C1038, 4037,

300 Series Stainless Steel,

410, 430 Stainless Steel,

Brass, Copper, Aluminum. 

Material Grades


SAE - 2, 5, 5.1, 5.2, 8, 8.2

Metric - 4.8, 5.8, 8.8, 9.8,

10.9, 12.9

We back incomparable service levels and reliability of order delivery with a vast range of fastener sizes and an equally diverse selection of standard and special styles and drives. Our goal is to accommodate your needs - whatever they may be - with existing parts from our inventory or by creating parts to your specifications. If “off the shelf” does not suit your needs, contact us and we will work with your requirements.

Sems and Specials raw material steel coil
Sems and Specials high speed cold heading machinery
Sems and Specials finished sems specials products custom
Sems and Specials proudly Made in the USA America

A leading domestic manufacturer of fasteners to logistics

   companies producing standards, sems and specials.

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