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Securing The Essentials

Unmatched Service

Our mission is to exceed your needs and expectations at every opportunity that presents itself. We serve you better than foreign competitors - not only because we’re here and they’re not, but because we know the power of providing quality customer service.

Fast Delivery (Turnover Speed)

Our average fulfillment time is ten weeks. Importing product can take up to six months. We have multiple machines that crank out 300 parts per minute and a huge inventory of raw material and tooling always on hand to produce your parts quickly and efficiently.

Unyielding Quality Near Zero Defects

We have forged our reputation on quality, striving tfor perfection. We a’re are ISO 9001:2015 Certified and Qualified for QSLM Cage Code 5B494 Class 2 Product. We are FQA Compliant and have complete certification and traceability.

Centuries of Experience

With over 500 years of combined managerial experience behind us, our advantage lies with the wealth of knowledge this brings, along with still being able think fast, agile and young to creatively develop solutions to each individual need.

Engineering Technical Support

With three manufacturing engineers and one sales engineer on staff, we have the flexibility to be able to offer precise applications that work per your requirements with the experience and knowledge that can answer all your questions along the way.

Cost Savings

Our experience enables us to save you money at every turn, whether it’s with cold forming to produce less waste, using our warehousing and managed shipments, innovative production ideas or with our honed technologies, systems and processes.

Ease of Working with Sems and Specials

We’re flexible, friendly, courteous, respectful, and put our faith, word and integrity on the line, everyday putting our best effort using creativity, innovation, experience, determination and teamwork.  We service and distribute to hundreds of locations worldwide.

Vast Production Capacity

We pride ourselves on our capabilities. With over 90,000 square feet of production capacity, we can handle multiple sizable orders up to millions fasteners a day. With multi-shift flexibility, we are able to produce over 500 million fasteners annually.

Smart Job Processing Inventory Control

Our smart, efficient, job processing and inventory control software makes our processes and the status of your order highly visible - we track jobs in real-time.  We employ real-time production-tracking processes throughout our entire manufacturing system.

Wide Scope of Industrial Experience

We supply products to clients in a wide range of industries with multiple applications.  With this comes a unique expertise in being able to problem solve and find solutions for almost any need, usually being able to provide a custom solution tailored to any requirement.

Sems and Specials Think Outside The Box - Custom Solutions for A Complex World

Think Outside The Box   Custom Solutions For A Complex World

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