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Secondary Operations

In addition to the products we manufacture, Sems and Specials are able to offer a wide range of secondary services to enhance and compliment your product - whether it be to create a fasteners with a protective coating, to achieve a certain function or purely cosmetic - we provide a multitude of value added secondary operations to suit your needs.

Services We Offer

 - Drilling

 - Trimming

 - Pinch Pointing

 - Grinding 

 - Patching

 - Shaving

 - Head Painting

 - Broaching

 - Shot Peening

 - Electro-Polishing

 - Tapping

 - Slotting

For more information on any of the secondary operations that we offer, or if you have a special custom request,

please contact us and we will be glad to discuss your requirements.

Sems and Specials Think Outside The Box - Custom Solutions for A Complex World

Think Outside The Box   Custom Solutions For A Complex World

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