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MAThread   Products

MAThread eliminates all seizing and jamming of fasteners from the most common problems, period. This usually results in an immediate end to ongoing assembly issues. 


In addition to solving almost all cross-threading problems, MAThread makes resolving the rare few remaining problems much, much easier. When MAThread is not used, the assembly plant experiencing a problem must sort through a myriad of possible causes before resolving it. This process is usually difficult and tedious. With MAThread, however, should a nut-thread quality issue occur, or dirt or obstruction in the thread cause a jamming failure, the assembly plant can immediately rule out cross-threading, false-threading, and/or paint problems as possible causes of the problem. That makes it much easier to focus on the real issue, which is no longer disguised by other possible failures. Such a quality problem is usually quickly solvable once it’s identified.


A foolproof fastener - the most versatile anti-cross thread product.



Benefits of MAThread

- Fixes Cross-Threading... it never cross-threads with it's unique design

- Eases Every Assembly... product 'glides in' with ease each and every time

- Aligns Components... always finds holes and aligns itself to the path, forcing itself straight

- Fixes Clogged Internal Threads... upon entry, slides through paint and residue build up in the threads


What Makes MAThread   Different?

- The self-correcting design makes thread damage or seizing impossible

- Any installer can use them without fear of fastener or part damage

- No more destroyed screws or damaged components means reduced cost

- Can be customized per customer needs

- A design that's regularly improved upon



How MAThread   Works



Stage 1 - Axis Alignment
The versatile MAThread design allows the installer to select the point shape that is best suited to feed well in to the application for optimal performance.

Stage 2 - Thread Alignment
As the threads come in to contact, the patented MAThread begins to cam over the female thread, forcing them in to perfect alignment each and every time.

Stage 3 - Thread Drive
The MAThread forces the two thread helixes to align perfectly each and every time, without fail.  The fastener then drives easily, with reduced effort.

The MAThread   Product Line



'P' Point MAThread
Use in difficult applications when point clearance is not an issue. Should also be used with thick stack-ups of multiple components.


Dog Point MAThread 
Use in any very difficult application or for applications when the prying of components into position during installation is required.


Very Short MAThread 
Use in applications where point clearance is an issue and angular mis-alignment is limited. Optimal under 8 degrees of angular misalignment.


Never-Jam MAThread 
For use in applications where packaging length and/or weight is a concern. This design is effective up to and including 12 degrees misalignment. 

Custom MAThread
Please contact us for more information and if you would like help with a custom MAThread product specific to your application needs.

 For use in most applications. Not for use when the application requires prying heavy components into place during installation.

For more information on the MAThread products that we offer, or if you have questions regarding their use in a
specific application,
please contact us and we will be glad to discuss your requirements.

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