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Supply Chain Management

Let us be your link to smart economics and Supply Chain Management opportunities that others don’t or can’t offer. Sems and Specials offers a range of tailored Supply Chain Management solutions that cost-effectively streamlines your business.


Managed Inventory

We produce your order in full and send you an initial, partial delivery.  Then our 30,000 sq.ft. warehouse is used to store the remainder of your finished goods and release them as you wish through several stocking programs that we offer, including a blanket order program or our JIT Program or others. You save the considerable cost of storing products at your facility and can better manage and control expenditures for improved cash flow.

Sems and Specials Supply Chain Management Raw Materials Warehousing Steel Inventory
Sems and Specials Supply Chain Management Raw Materials Warehousing Steel Inventory

Global Blending Opportunities

Sems and Specials allows you to minimize import risk by manufacturing some of the fasteners with us. And we are one of the few fastener manufacturers with over 3 million pounds of inventory on site - all kinds of sizes of raw material - which allows us to respond almost overnight to breaks in your supply chain from suppliers.  We’ve got the raw material on hand to respond quickly to meet your rush delivery deadline. 


Raw Material Pricing Control

Lock in your steel/metal prices and savings for the future.  We buy steel and other metals in advance to take advantage of unusually good market prices and/or protect your advantageous purchase price for the length of our contract.

For more information on any of the supply chain management solutions that we offer, or if you have a special custom request, please contact us and we will be glad to discuss your requirements.

Sems and Specials Think Outside The Box - Custom Solutions for A Complex World

Think Outside The Box   Custom Solutions For A Complex World

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