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Swageform   Products

Sems and Specials owns secured the Registered Trademark Swageform, a product with 40 years of proven applications. Swageform High Performance Thread Rolling Screws features a special Swageform design which consist of 3 sets of forming lobes located on the flank of the tapered lead threads 120 degrees apart. The initial contact of the lobes with the hole significantly reduces the installation drive torque.


The Innovative Solution with over 40 years of proven applied applications.


Benefits of Swageform


Quick and Easy Installation

The swaging action allow torque drive to be low for quick and easy installation of the screw into any of your application.


Elimination of Tapping Holes
The 360 degree thread engagement in the typical Swageform screw eliminates the need to pre-tap holes which is typical of convention machine screws.


Low Drive Torques
The swaging action associated with Swageform screws produces a full form thread with less frictional contact, allowing a much lower drive torque.


High Strip Out Torques
Swageform screws provide high strip-out and prevailing torques due to increased male to female thread contact.


Formed (not cut) Threads
The threads in our Swageform screws are formed, not cut, which makes the screws more work-hardened and stronger. 


Elimination of Chips
Swageform screws produce no cutting chips as material is swaged during the tapping process and not cut.


For more information on our Swageform products, please contact us and we will be glad to discuss your requirements.

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