Custom Packaging Solutions

Sems and Specials are able to add value to your product throughout the entire production process - it doesn't just stop at the fasteners themselves!  If you have a special packaging request, such as packaging fasteners in your own containers or in a different size bag, or if you want boxes of smaller quantities, just ask. Packaging is another area where we meet virtually any need - and we love a challenge!


Packaging Solutions We Offer

 - Sorting

 - Poly Bagging

 - Multiple Sized Containers

 - Packed in your Supplied Boxes

 - Specialized Finishing

 - Special/Custom Packaging Requests

Kitting Solutions

You can also wrap-up savings from Kitting - the industry term

for pre-assembly of individual items as orders are received.

The savings can be significant if you ship similar orders in quantity.

For more information on any of the packaging solutions that we offer, or if you have a special custom request,

please contact us and we will be glad to discuss your requirements.

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