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Sems Products

To improve the integrity and strength of assemblies, washers are often used along with screws.  It was a great leap forward when screws and washers became pre-assembled into the Sems screw. This screw includes a free-spinning washer that is locked into place because the screw thread (created after the washer is put on) is larger than the hole of the washer. Sems are low cost, easy to use and are available from our company in many different sizes, styles, head types, drives, materials and other choices, depending upon your application needs. Sems are more than a convenience; they are ingenious, time-and-labor-saving  devices that have revolutionized assembly manufacturing processes.

Sems Screw Washers

Sems and Specials offer a full range of washers for the Sems products we produce - each offering specific advantages. If you are unsure of which washer to use for your application, contact us and we will be happy to advise.

Our Range of Sems Washers Include:

 - External Tooth

 - External Countersunk

 - Internal Tooth

 - Internal Countersunk

 - External/Internal Tooth

 - Dished Tooth Periphery

 - Square Conical

 - Conical

 - Crest Cup

 - Square Cone

 - Ramp Conical 

 - Saddle Clamp

 - Finishing

 - Square Terminal

 - Wave

 - Split Lock

 - Flat

 - Bonded

 - Neoprene

 - Complex Profiles

Double Washer Sems

The Double Washer Sems is a fastener with two free-spinning washers. Generally, Double Washer Sems are more cost-effective than conical washers, have a greater holding strength.  Typically, Double Washer Sems are used in the Electronics Industry, however contact us if you have a specific requirement and we will be glad to assist.  Our Double Washer Sems are available in standard and metric sizes, and we also manufacture other double washer combination Sems for your specific application needs .

For more information on any of the Sems products that we offer, or if you have a special custom request,

please contact us and we will be glad to discuss your requirements.

Sems and Specials proudly Made in the USA America

A leading domestic manufacturer of fasteners to logistics

   companies producing standards, sems and specials.

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