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R A F T E R ' S

Welcome to Timber Land!

A Company Fastened Together by

Service, Speed, Quality and Production Reliability


Since 1991, as a cold forming manufacturer of fasteners, Sems and Specials Inc. has offered a diverse portfolio of products ranging from standard commercial fasteners to custom specials and ending with Class II military hardware. All of us at Sems and Specials realize that you can be faced with challenges when it comes to meeting the demands of your customers. We stand by the principle of managing our customers in a personal manner. And because of that, we view our customers as our partners and it’s our business to know each partner, their company, and their needs. Over the years we reinvented ourselves to be a custom per print cold formed fastener manufacturer. We continue to manufacture sems product, and have developed the largest bandwidth of product in our product size range. We service every segment of industry; our daily mission is to provide the very best customer service, deliver parts when required and have the quality excellence and production reliability each and every time.

"The Sems Advantage - Securing the Essentials"

Quality Sems and Special products

Your Go-To Source For Quality Sems

Our innovative Sems products are produced to our highest standards, ensuring durability and reliability when you need it most.  With products for all applications, our products along with our industry experience are unrivaled.

Custom Solutions for a Complex World

You know us as the go-to source for Sems products, but for over 30 years we have also been at the forefront of providing uniquely customized solutions with our innovative problem solving and creative thinking.


Customs solutions from Sems and Specials
Swageform Hex Washer Head
Tamperproof 6-Lobe Round Washer Head
Special Wafer Head Square Neck Bolt
Special Wafer Head Type 23
Trimmed Cap Screw with Cone Point
Special Thread Cutting Screw
Special Terminal Sems
Special Square Neck Carriage Bolt
Special Slotted Drilled Fillister
Special Long Square Neck Slot Truss
Special Indented Hex Shoulder Bolt
Special 6-Lobe Wafer Head
Sems Square Terminal
Sems Split Lockwasher Long Length
Sems Specials
Sems Saddle Clamps
Sems Lag Screw Flat Washer
Sems Double Washer Hex Cap Screw
Multi-Station Special Truss Head
48-2 Tri-roundular Pan Head
60-1 Tri-roundular Pan Head
BXCA Hex Washer Head Steel
Hex Flange Serrated Washer Head
HPS Thread Forming Screw for Plastic
BXCA Hex Washer Head Plain
TMXS Swageform
Trilobular 60-1
TMXS Drill Screw Hex Washer Head
TMXS Drill Screw
Thumb Screw
Thread Forming Screw
Terminal Sems
Speciall Knurled Flat Washer Sems
Special Knurled Adjusting Screw
Socket Head Cap Split LW Sems
Socket Head Cap Screw
Patched Item
Multi Station
Multi Station
M12 Double Washer Sems Steel
Long Length
Large Wafer Head
HPS Type 17 Thread Forming Screw
HPS Thread Form Button Washer Head
HPS Thread Form
HL Shoulder Bolt
Hex Socket Wafer Stainless Lag Screw
Hex Socket Special
Flat Washer Sems Machine Screw
Flat Head Drill Screw
Drill Screw Hex Washer Stainless
Drill Screw
Double End Collar Stud Sems
Double End Collar Stud
Aluminum Special
BXCA Hex Washer Head 750
BXCA Hex Washer Head
6-Lobe Tamper Proof
BXCA Head Washer Head TFS
Acorn Head Special Sems
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6483 Falcon Rd., Rockford, IL 61109
Tel:  815-874-0000   Fax:  815-874-0100

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